About The Studio

The goal of Elizabeth Raihala Music Studio is to provide a nurturing environment for instruction and enjoyment of music.

Lessons are designed to meet the specific needs of each student.  Private lessons are offered for piano and voice students as follows:


PIANO Study:

ŸIncludes a balance of music theory, sight playing, ear training, rhythm activities, composition, improvisation, interpretation and repertoire appropriate to the student’s level of proficiency. 


VOICE Study:

Includes the study of the vocal mechanism (breathing control, posture, phonating and resonating systems and articulation), fundamental vocal exercises, diction and language study. The remainder of the lesson is a balance in sight singing, ear training, interpretation and repertoire appropriate for the student’s age and level of proficiency.

All students are exposed to music history that is aligned with their assigned repertoire.  Students are also encouraged to participate in programs designed to further these goals, such as: recitals, talent shows, community outreach and other performance opportunities provided by the Minnesota Music Teacher’s Association and the Duluth Music Teachers Association.  Students are coached on stage presence to enhance their performance.

Parents are asked to assist by providing a home environment conducive to good learning habits that support  studio policies.  A minimum practice schedule is established and expected for each student.  The practice time will increase as the student progresses to a new level of musical proficiency.

Liz’s teaching goal is to nurture the student’s natural enthusiasm for music.  Students are exposed to a variety of music, including classical, jazz, ragtime, blues, Broadway, pop, rock n’ roll and seasonal music.  Liz focuses on visual, aural and kinesthetic learning styles to maximize learning potential.  Students are welcomed to an informal setting to enrich their musical abilities, guide them towards music appreciation and ultimately towards a lifetime of musical enjoyment!


The curriculum consists of weekly private lessons (with the exception of breaks and group lesson weeks) and is detailed in the Studio Calendar, Policy & Agreement & Registration form. These documents can be d found on the front page of this web site.


Why Study Music?

  • Music strengthens memory, attention span and concentration level.
  • Music builds self-esteem and leadership qualities.
  • Music enriches the imagination through interpretation and performance.
  • Music study enhances  fine motor skills, the ability to follow directions, perseverance, visual and aural discrimination, organizational skills, task completion and goal setting.
  • Music enhances the student’s ability to do well in school.
  • Music widens culture by providing insight into thoughts and feelings of composers, performers and people.
  • Music is a life skill that gives pleasure to one’s self, family and friends.

Tuition Year

Piano and Voice lessons begin in September and end in May. Summer lessons are available by appointment.